How to order


How to order

An online ordering form will eventually be available.

Meanwhile, the way to proceed to order items is to send me an email mentioning:

1) The name of the product desired
2) Your choice of stain color (natural or colonial)
3) What you would like engraved

Once your choices are made, an ordering confirmation of your order will be sent by email and a 30% deposit will required.  Your deposit, either by money order or wire transfer, may be sent to the adress that I will send you by email.

When deposit received, I will start the fabrication.
A 2 to 4 weeks delay for the chairs and 4 to 8 weeks for the music sheet stands are required.

If your in the Eastern Towmships of Quebec region, I will probably deliver the items myself for 10$.  Elswhere in Canada or the US, the items will be carefully packed and shipped via regular mail with balance due payment, shipping and handling fees required at delivery.  An estimated shipping and handling cost will be provided to you based on the items you've chosen.