Adjustable cello chair


Adjustable cello chair

260 $

(laser engravement of name or initials : 20$ extra)


You will never have to look for the perfect chair or stool equiped with one or two phone books in order to find the ideal sitting height to play your cello!

That was my dilemma with my daughter who began playing the cello at the age of 6, she would come home with her cello finding no place to sit comfortably with her instrument.
So after a few sketches and a little sawdust, here's what I came up with.

Originally designed to grow with young cellists, it has been found just as convenient and appropriate to adults.

As much for a music camp than for a private or public music school, its easy adjustment, quick and efficient, makes the task pleasant for music teachers and their students.


The weight of this chair is only 4.5 kg (10 lbs). Very accommodating for all, the ingenuity of its design allows to adjust the height of the bench from 11" to 20 ¾" and save space when storing.

Made of cherry, the richness of the wood, natural color or dyed colonial offers a soothing look and blends well with any decor or just next to a beautiful musical instrument.

Although this chair was designed for cellists, it is very appreciated with guitarists, bassists and their students of all ages, and especially different sizes.

In addition to its efficiency, its elegance integrates as well in a symphony orchestra concert than in the intimate setting of a performance of chamber music.

Laser engraving is used to customize your chair if you wish. You can either choose your initials, your full name, logo or other. Cutting and carving is also available, simply contact the artist for a quote. See some examples of personalized chairs that were made in the ''Personalize your chair'' section.


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Combine the chair, the laser engravement and the endpin stopper for 295 $